Oscar Pistorius trial

  • Who's who in the Oscar Pistorius trial

    The Judge:
    -Thokozile Masipa: The second black woman to be appointed  as a judge in the High Court of South Africa.

    For the State:

    -Gerrie Nel: State advocate (in the U.S. he'd be called the prosecutor)
    -Captain Mangena: The state's ballistic expert
    -Hilton Botha: The original lead investigator on the case who was removed after it came to light that he was facing attempted murder charges. He was replaced by
    Lt Gen Vinesh Moonoo.
    -Captain van Aardt: The investigator to whom witnesses gave their statements.
    -Professor Saayman: Pathologist present at Steenkamp's autopsy
    -Samantha Taylor: Pistorius' ex-girlfriend

    For the defense:
    -Barry Roux: One of Pistorius' lawyers
    -Kenny Oldwadge: Another of Pistorius' main lawyers
    -Jan Botha: Pathologist and first witness for the defense
    -Johan Stander: Silver Woods Estate manager and first person Pistorius called after he shot Steenkamp.

    The victim:
    -Reeva Steenkamp: Professional model
    -June Steenkamp: Her mother. She's been in court for some of the trial

    The Pistorius family:
    -Carl Pistorius: Brother
    -Aimee Pistorius: Sister

    -Arnold Pistorius: Uncle

  • - Closing arguments are under way in the murder trail against Oscar Pistorius.
    - The Olympic sprinter is on trial for murder.
    He's accused of killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.
    Pistorius isn't denying that he shot her, but claims it was an accident.
    - Closing arguments will be heard before Judge Masipa renders a verdict. Pistorius is charged with murder, as well as three gun-related charges.
    Watch the trial live 

    - Read below to see how the trial has unfolded so far.
    - CAUTION: there are some graphic images within the blog.
    - Read our profiles of Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp.
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