Canada Shootings

Canada Shootings

Breaking news from Ottawa, Canada, where two shootings in and around the Parliament building left at least two dead.

Watch chaos inside the Parliament Building as guards react to shots fired.
by Rachel Clarke

Two shootings rocked the heart of Canada's capital, Ottawa, today.  A Canadian soldier was fatally shot while guarding the National War Memorial and there was also gunfire inside the Parliament Building.

Here's what we know:
  • The soldier who died was a reservist, from Hamilton, Ontario, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reports
  • Dozens of shots were fired inside Parliament -- many by security officers chasing a gunman -- ending with a motionless body near the Parliament's library, a journalist tells CNN
  • Earlier reports of shots fired near the Rideau Centre mall were not correct, police now say
  • At least one suspect is dead; no one else is in custody, according to police.

Here's our main news story about the shooting and here's coverage from our Canadian partners, CBC and CTV.

Thanks to CNN's Dana Ford, Jason Hanna and Rachel Clarke for blogging this fast-moving event.
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